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NITK Surathkal

About NITK

Situated in the west coast of India, NITK Surathkal has a lush green campus and one of the only college campuses to have their own private beach. The Institute was formerly a Regional Engineering College and was given NIT Status in the year 2002. The campus currently has a total of 14 Departments each teaching various disciplines of Engineering.

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PRogram to Initiate Student Mentoring


The transition from school to college and from home to hostel is hardly an easy one. The pangs of moving away from family for the first time and adjusting in a new place cannot be eliminated but can definitely be made easy. After all, as the popular saying goes, help will always be given to those who require it.

Who is behind this?

TaskForce NITK Surathkal has come up with a noble initiative to help the freshers with this transition. The PRogram to Initiate Student Mentoring, launched for the first time, aims to acquaint freshers with the different aspects of college life at NITK Surathkal.

What does it contain?

From clubs to sports, academics to fests, the PRISM provides a platform for the newbies to explore the different opportunities provided by the college and make the most out of it.

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TaskForce NITK also has an application with a lot of features helpful for freshers. You can install it from the Play Store.


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